Jeff Higgins

Jeff Higgins has been with Autodesk since the acquisition of Moldflow in 2008. As the Named Accounts Technical Specialist for the Named Accounts Team, Jeff’s duties include helping major accounts grow simulation business within their accounts and working with Simulation Major Accounts overlays to increase Simulation activities.

Prior to joining Autodesk, Jeff was with Moldflow for 12 years, and worked as an application engineer to the Automotive Industry. During that time, Jeff worked to build confidence in simulation with Automotive OEM’s and Tier level suppliers to implement Moldflow, and certify users with Moldflow software

Prior to joining Moldflow, Jeff was a process engineer at Adams Manufacturing. Jeff was responsible for processing and maintaining manufacturing on a 35 press manufacturing facility.

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May 16, 2017

9:00 AM

Room: Calhoun Salon

Simulation - Validating the Impact of Conformal Cooling Systems

Using simulation gives the ability to validate any design. With Moldflow, a user can see not only the impact of innovation, but the impact of optimization. Simulating not only the design of a plastic part, but also completely simulating cooling systems and molds, the impact of conformal cooling can not only be realized, but be validated for mold designs. By simulating process, product and mold optimizations, product performance and quality improvements can be realized before any mold creation begins.