Dr. William Sames

Dr. Sames is the CEO of HTS International Corporation, with HQ in Knoxville, TN. HTS provides engineering solutions and performance products with conformal cooling for the injection molding and die casting industries, including custom inserts, cores, sprue bushings, water supply plates, and hot runner manifolds. Dr. Sames holds a Ph.D, M.E., and B.S. in Materials Science and Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. His Ph.D. research on powder-bed metal additive manufacturing was completed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is also the lead author of the 2016 review paper “The metallurgy and processing science of metal additive manufacturing”, an invited contribution to the International Materials Reviews.

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May 16, 2017

1:00 PM

Room: Calhoun Salon

Case Studies: Conformal Cooling and How to Evaluate the Business Case for Candidate Components: Packaging, Industrial & Automotive Applications

Improving mold cooling is an attractive way to reduce cycle time, reduce warping, and improve part quality. Conformal cooling is one method to improve mold cooling that has seen advances in recent years due to improvements in the quality of methods of manufacture, such as Additive Manufacturing, for the tool steel required to make such components. Case studies related to packaging, industrial, and automotive applications will be addressed. Particular note will be given to how to identify the correct candidate inserts or production lines from a business and standpoint. Custom molders are often left with challenges in justifying mold cost increases to their customers- developing the business case early in the job quoting process can help with this.